What's the plan? The Urbinfo Roadmap - Phase 1

The UrbInfo project has just begun, and the aim is to to make property investment in Nottingham clearer and easier by building a detailed data platform for Nottingham's property developers, estate agents, planners and others.

Phase 1 is currently being rolled out. Firstly, the Nottingham Development Map provides a constantly-updated, interactive and spatial monitor of all proposals currently under construction or proposed in Nottingham. It has been hugely popular among the city's developers, architects, consultants, advisers and many more.


Secondly, the Nottingham Development Datasets spreadsheets will be published every month which will provide per-development data of all the developments occurring in the city, even those without a planning application (although certain pre-planning projects are exempt from this for confidentiality purposes). 

To conclude phase 1, the Nottingham Development Update report will be published every three months in due course, and will provide a handy summary of all the primary developments occurring in the city over the past quarter. 

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